Additional Brews


Back Alley

American Mango Wheat

Back Alley is a wheat beer brewed with mango puree and heavily dry hopped with Citra hops: the beer shouts “summer”. This is a brew that paints the sipper’s tongue with its tag - Back Alley.  It is great for Sippin’ and Strollin’ - see you in the alley.


Blackberry Connection

Blackberry Lager

$1/pint goes to York County Rail Trail Authority for the Hanover Trolley Trail Connection

Brewed to support the expansion of the rail trail from Hanover to York. Blackberry Connection is an easy drinking lager with a hint of the tasty blackberries that grow along the trail. Served with a lemon balm leaf. Enjoy this slice of summer and support a worthwhile cause.



New England IPA

Hazy, aggressively hopped, pleasantly refreshing. Daydreamzzz encourages pool lounging...all pleasant thoughts...


Gridiron Gold

American Wheat Beer

The traditional wheat beer flavors of honey, banana, cloves are here but tempered - easy to drink and refreshing. Boo was off-sides! He ain’t hefe,  he’s my brother.


Bad Bromance

Belgian Strong Golden Ale

(7 ounce pour) Brewed with help from the brewer’s brothers, this fruity, complex, high alcohol beer is very approachable.  Characteristically spicy Belgian yeast is fed by malt (Pilsner, Pale, Caramel 20) and candi sugar. Bitterness from the hops (El Dorado and Saaz) balance the malt bill and lead to a surprisingly dry finish…a devil in disguise… one sip and you get caught in a Bad Bromance.


Bus Duty

Passionfruit, Banana, Pineapple Afterwork Beer

Bus duty…Ugh...Walky talky, umbrella, crying children, wind, rain…Neverending…Bust Duty…The worst. You need a beer - one that invokes thoughts of the islands. Tropical fruits, blended malts, Comet Hops, hefe yeast, and a low pH give this easy drinker a light bodied sweetness needed after a long day. Thanks, teach!  Make your worst day your best day….no fuss get on the bus.🚌




A well balanced, dry hopped beer in a style that launched a craft beer revolution. Balance is the key as in any dance...I see a little silhouetto of a bat...Scaramouch, Scaramouch, will you do the FaNG DaNGO...Cha Cha Cha...Cheers!


Happy Kamper

Pink Guava French Saison

This is a dry french saison that is offset with fruity pink guava. This marriage of flavors gives this beer a nice grassy quality, like the great outdoors, making the drinker a Happy Kamper. Are you ready for the weekend? Who brought the cornhole?


Bat Blues

Blueberry Lager

Description coming soon


Cheat Day IPA

Indian Pale Ale

A Peaches and Cream milkshake IPA packed with hops, lactose, peaches, and vanilla bean. The Bonanza yeast gives a late hint of banana. Cheat Day has a creamy, full-bodied texture that inspired the milkshake moniker. Yum! Our milkshake brings all the bats to the bar…Cheers!


Free Fallin’

Kettle Sour

A traditional German sour ale that uses a blend of wheat, oat and malt to create a beer that’s light in both body and color and just the right amount of  tartness to be very refreshing. This beer is the base for our Juiced Sours - crafted mixed beer cocktails...She’s a good girl...


Juiced Sours

Kettle Sour

Our sour beer is mixed with real fruit purees to make familiar cocktails.