Additional Brews


Back Alley

American Mango Wheat

Back Alley is a wheat beer brewed with mango puree and heavily dry hopped with Citra hops: the beer shouts “summer”. This is a brew that paints the sipper’s tongue with its tag - Back Alley.  It is great for Sippin’ and Strollin’ - see you in the alley.



New England IPA

Hazy, aggressively hopped, pleasantly refreshing. Daydreamzzz encourages pool lounging...all pleasant thoughts...


Happy Kamper

Pink Guava French Saison

This is a dry french saison that is offset with fruity pink guava. This marriage of flavors gives this beer a nice grassy quality, like the great outdoors, making the drinker a Happy Kamper. Are you ready for the weekend? Who brought the cornhole?


The Shed

Hazy IPA

Limited release! The Shed is a tribute to the origins of the blind pursuit of hoppiness.  Juicy,  lots of hops, including a Mosaic dry hop...ultimate refreshment. Backyard dreamin’...She shed she would build a brewery and she did...


Bat Blues

Blueberry Lager

Description coming soon



Blonde Wheat

Easy on the hops, easy on the malt, and easy on the eye...blondes are the most Dingbat is ready for a good time. Permission to be Dingbatty with friends at Fat Bat!



Märzen (Oktoberfest)

Noktoberfest is a Märzen - the original party beer of Oktoberfest.  This satisfying lager is a bready beer full of malty goodness, which is perfect for the coming fall season. Hops are just a whisper to balance the malt bill. Drink the night away with this easy sipper...One night at Fat Bat and this beer’s your go-to (to the tune of One Night in Bangkok)...try again with feeling :)


Trick or Treat Yoself

Pumpkin Beer

Ahh Fall - time for Friday night football, Halloween costumes, treats for kids...screeeeech, wait a minute, you deserve a treat too! This pumpkin beer combines the joys of beer with fall flavors.  Sip this great body beer by itself and notice hints of pumpkin and vanilla.  Try a sugar spice rim or pumpkin bar rim to enhance the dessert flavor. Scary Brendan would say - Trick or Treat Yoself.


Cheat Day IPA

Indian Pale Ale

A Peaches and Cream milkshake IPA packed with hops, lactose, peaches, and vanilla bean. The Bonanza yeast gives a late hint of banana. Cheat Day has a creamy, full-bodied texture that inspired the milkshake moniker. Yum! Our milkshake brings all the bats to the bar…Cheers!


Free Fallin’

Kettle Sour

A traditional German sour ale that uses a blend of wheat, oat and malt to create a beer that’s light in both body and color and just the right amount of  tartness to be very refreshing. This beer is the base for our Juiced Sours - crafted mixed beer cocktails...She’s a good girl...


Penny Extra

Imperial Pale Ale

Penny Extra is a strong, copper-colored Pale Ale. This  beer shows you that it is in charge -  its strong hoppy flavor is shouting “pay attention to me.”