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Bubble Fruited Seltzers

Hard Seltzer


First Blush (ruby red grapefruit rose and rose bubbles), Mango Me Crazy (mango coconut and mango bubbles), Walking in Sunshine (coconut pineapple and strawberry bubbles)

Home of the ORIGINAL BUBBLE SELTZER! Our fruited seltzers are kicked-up a notchh with Boba Bubbles! Fans of bubble tea (or those that like to make their drinks even more fun) will love these creative drinks. Like our fruited seltzers, these drinks start with ourVIBE hard seltzer that are then mixed with a fruit/herb party blend and finished with fruit flavored juice bubbles. Flavors will vary weekly and are subject to change without notice. Also available as a Mocktail (alcohol free version): $4

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